Endless Halls is the comic about a dark realm simply known as The Halls

The realm is a massive maze of corridors, rooms and mystical gardens.
In the realm live many denizen who simply try to live out their lives, while trying not to fell
victim to the dark horrors that lurk about in the dreaded hallways.

While there are many tales within The Halls, the more prominent one stars a moth-like girl named, Mia.

Mia was raised by her Moma to always stay inside the safety of her room, while she (Moma)
provided for her every need.
For years she had lived a comfortable life, though it wasn’t always a happy one.
But soon, Mia finds herself forced out of her sanctuary and in a desperate search for her beloved Moma
as she wanders the bizarre and dangerous world of The Halls.

Of course, there are other stories to tell, but those will be told in time.